Monday, February 21, 2011

my father passed away this week.

that's why i haven't written in a while.
it's still really hard to face everything right now, but i wanted to write a quick homage to my father to start facing it all...

Dad, when i dance, i dance for you. When i dine on BBQ ribs or cook up some Wienerschnitzel, i'll smile because i can't cook it aswell as you. And when i feel sad and know you're lookin down on me and want me to be happy, i'll throw on some James Brown or Sly & The Family Stone and i'll remember you. You'll be my daddy forever and i'll be your lizzy bo bizzy til the end. I love you. I miss you. Forever.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

dancin me.

For those who read my blog and haven't seen me dance and care about seeing me dance, here's a clip of a class i took last week in LA. i'm in the black fitted cap with the ice cream cone on my shirt! animation class, fun fun!

or if this is too little-bitty for you, check it out on my youtube channel.