Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Typical before/after process

Recently, i’ve had a few people interested in the process I go through to not only restore furniture but make it into a piece of art. So I thought i’d use a recent project (trash can from the 1980s) to show the typical steps I take!

First and foremost, I always have an inspiration for every piece I work on. Usually it’s a flower, and it’s the color scheme that I like. God’s color scheme is perfect, so flowers are perfect to abide by.
Here’s the flower I chose for the trashcan:
1) Original pics of the trashcan when I bought it:
2) Clean it! I use Purple Power which you can buy at most automotive stores. I use the spray kind. You can purchase it online as well.
Wear rubber gloves!

3) Sand it! I use just a typical hand sander.
4) Fill in any cracks with wood filler. And replace nails if they are weak and rusty.
5) Tape off tree design with blue painter’s tape.

6) I mix my own colors but you can also just buy your color of choice as is.

7) Paint it & use a thick oil-based gloss for the inside. This way, since it’s a trashcan, spills are easy to wipe up. Let dry and remove blue tape.
8) Lacquer it! Don’t use regular polyurethane. You have to use Polycrylic lacquer to ensure that the paint color doesn’t start to yellow over time.

9) Paint the underside because why not.

10) Done!

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  1. You make it look way easy. But I think if I tried it, it wouldn't look as good!