Tuesday, June 9, 2009

hi. i'm new.

hello sweet friends. my name is liz. or triplett. well, my name is elizabeth triplett martin. and i'm an artist.

i live here in atlanta in a house that my 2 roommates like to dub "amazing". cause it kicks ass.

i restore furniture, hence "saint rooster". it's an anagram for "restorations". suggestion by my step-dad. who's hilarious. we were going to go with "cat parrot" anagram for "crap to art", but saint rooster hit a warm spot in my ticker.

i moved to atlanta exactly 1 year, 2 months, and 2 weeks ago. from nashville. not that i hate nashville...as a matter of fact, i miss it, but i danced a lot and atlanta had what i needed.

yes that was past tense. i recently have stopped dancing. i'll try and post some videos though and am glad to share insight in the world of hiphop dance if you so please. i'm sure i'll blog about it in the near future.

but for now, saint rooster.

my mom and twin sister are both artists in NC where i'm originally from. so the bug was bound to get under my skin. i've been creating pieces of art out of antique furniture for a while now. and i love it.

here's my flickr account. you can check out what i do.

i also have an Etsy. just started it.

i believe this will suffice for my first blog.

we shall talk again soon!

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