Friday, June 12, 2009

why saint rooster you ask?

so i've been painting for quite some time now...twin sis is an art is a full-time artist.

BUT i put it aside and have been hiphopin my way through life for the past 3 years since college. is slow. and i mean SLOW. there have been no auditions for months and i'm tired of waiting for my next opportunity to make some mulah every two weeks.

and that sucks. cause i love dance. its how i speak sometimes. it reaches in my soul. expresses my Christianity. my love for Christ. i can't explain how much it means to me. and i'm sure half my friends will be shocked when they hear that i've laid it aside.

but alas, i'm 26, not 19, and i need money. ha

though i must say that i'm sure i'll still throw it down onstage if the opportunity presents itself in the future.

Saint Rooster.

i'm back in the game.

my art is taking off and i'm so forever grateful to the Father. He is my saving grace and i his pot, we could say.

so not too long ago, i sat down and  emailed my step-daddio, fully aware of his retardation of a humorous talent to make up funny band names or, in this case, a name for my art company.

the ideas he pitched to me were as follows:

~Cat Parrot* anagram of "crap to art"

~Snootier Art* anagram of "restoration"

~Rooster Stain*

~Saint Rooster* anagram of "restorations"


~Urine Turf* anagram of furniture

Urine Turf has quite the tang to it, but i didn't want people to think i believe pissing on the floor is art. hey, you never know with abstract loonies. (side note: one time i walked through the modern artist floor of le Centre Pompidue in Paris, and got a little freaked out when i walked in a room, blarring with techno music, and found nothing but a pea nailed to the wall)

so Saint Rooster it became.

i don't have a special affinity for it seems our generation of hipster rockabillies cater to owls...but the rooster (as i discovered in my research) is quite awesome.

if you dont' know much about the cocky creature, here are a few facts i put together:

Rooster symbol meanings are all about fanning out with brilliance, and showing the world your shimmering facets of personality.

The ancient Greeks believed the Rooster rose to attention and saluted the sun every morning with a hearty cry, symbolizing victory over night.

In Christianity the Rooster is noted for crowing three times after Peter denied Christ. As such, it became a symbol for Christ’s passion. Later, the Rooster would signify the repentance of the saint and religious vigilance as well as resurrection. To this day the Rooster seen on a weathervane is steeped in symbolic meanings that deal with watchful vigilance against evil, as weathervanes are commonly seen atop churches.

In dreams, the Rooster is considered a time-keeper and is a sign of time passing in our lives. Hearing a Rooster's voice in our dreams may indicate we need a wake-up call, and need to pay attention to some circumstances in our lives. Seeing a brilliantly plumed Rooster in our dreams indicates it is time to let others discover our true selves, and strut our stuff (show our talents) to others.


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