Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my new business card.



  1. Do you think you need to say where you are based out of? Or maybe what you do? I do think that the (anagram for restorations) kinda says what it is. A tag line with a littl emore description might be helpful.

    I like the logo and the colors.

  2. cute!

    do you have a google voice account? if not, maybe you should get one so that your "real" phone number isn't going out to just anyone.

  3. awesome advice you two! mizzie: i was thinking that myself when i was designing them. i only spent $25 on them, so the next batch, i think you're right...i need to think of a way to say what i'm doing and where it's out of.

    and jess: you know, i was thinking about that too. no i've never heard of that program. i'll check it out!
    thanks you two.