Monday, August 3, 2009

my new stamp!!

Good afternoon everyone!
I'm currently making business cards for Saint Rooster and decided I wanted a hand-carved silhouette stamp of the rooster my dear friend TJ designed...(check out his link on the right hand side entitled Turnis Left Home if you ever need a graphic designer, he's amazing)...and I found the most brilliant stamp carving artist on Etsy that I had to share with the sublime folks who read my blog.

(if you say you want it the size of a dime, she'll gladly oblige!)


  1. isn't it! this girl is awesome....she has almost 700 stamps for sale on etsy!

  2. hey there! glad you like your new stamp!! glad i worked with you :) i would love to see how you use this one too! show me some pics later please!

    happie stamps