Tuesday, April 20, 2010

love. ?.

i think, in our lives, we think about ourselves too much.
and it's wrong.
i'm not saying that adamantly, i'm saying it with sorrow.
it doesn't matter if you're an real estate appraiser, a musician, a sales rep, a nanny, a student, an actor, a designer. we all get selfish and lose sight of how to live.
i know, for me, i'm constantly thinking about myself. about my life and it's direction. how i can soar with my career and prove to america that i'm good. that i'm worth watching. that i matter.
but i will tell you the deepest knowledge of myself that i have.

it'll never be enough. i'll never be satisfied.

people matter. you should tell them and show them. or you can go on flying until you're yesterday's news. we all have the same ending. make your flying matter.


  1. I agree with you. However, I also believe that oneself is the best gift that can be given to another person. A seemingly selfish act to soar could ultimately result in a better unselfish gift to the people around you... lover, friends, family, even strangers. I have not been religious in a while but I admire your spirituality from reading your blogs. God said he made man in his own image. We tend to look up into the skies when we seek God when all we have to do is look at the person next to us. Which means an individual thinking of how to make him/herself soar might really be doing a big favor for others. The only thing is as you reach new heights, do you pull up others with you or be a motivation for them to soar as well. We really are each others' best investment and the more you develop yourself, the better neighbor you could be. It should come full circle... remember, it's love your neighbor as "yourself."

  2. Geez, I didn't mean for my comment to be as long as the original post. Sorry about that :)

  3. tosin, awesome. wonderful comment there. i agree with you. i guess i wrote my post from a place of seeing people care only or too much about themselves and their careers. i mainly saw it in myself and was calling it out. because our relationships with other people are, i believe, the most important thing in the world. love.
    but indeed, being an influence or inspiration to someone is irreplaceable. (and your comment isn't too long!!!) :)

  4. I'm a new follower, and I love both of your words. (see... you're both passing something positive along without even trying) Even out of trying to release what you thought were negative feelings, you set something positive free! Thanks :)

  5. well that means a lot to me camille. i'm so glad you took the time to write a comment and tell me that! i'm about to write another post here which'll be releasing negative thoughts into the glory of God so hope you like it. been going through a lot but am seeing the significance these trials carry as well as the irreplaceable lessons they bring.