Sunday, March 14, 2010


so i'm gonna shake this blog up a little. it'll be more personal. i never write. for those who do follow me on here and actually read what i blog about, you know that i'm an artist and a dancer. aren't those the same thing? but you don't know about my faith and the thoughts i have about things like that. i hope you continue to not only read, but share. because what you think matters in the world.
i'm a mess but i'm here and i wanna write. so here it goes....


i don't think people are honest enough. i think we lie. i think people lie a lot. not necessarily because they care to, but because they either don't care enough not to or they don't like the truth, whether it be as is, or in how it exists in their life.
i don't think the majority of Christians are honest. i think they lie. i know i lie sometimes. i lie to others or i lie to myself. and when i say "lie" i don't mean a fib. i mean a massage of the truth, which is, from time to time, even more destructive than the first. in other words, not something that is untrue, which would be a lie, but something that is distorted into looking like the truth. i believe there are many things in people's lives that take on that soiled shape. And I want to start being honest. i want you to be honest. not only with me but with yourself. i want you to find freedom, be it in art, in music, in writing, in dance, in love, in God, in honesty. let me know your thoughts. share them here freely. if you believe in and support what i write then share it, if not, acceptable. life is boring without contrast.


  1. truth.

    you're right, we all do...especially to ourselves. i know i have and have only started really reflecting on that the past year or so.

    sometimes i think we feel like we're sparing someone their feelings or the other side of it, wanting to just look better (to us) to everyone else.

    i'm one, who loves honesty because it makes me a better person even if it hurts for a little while...and it's those lessons that we can only learn from other people telling us the truth.

    that is why i have always appreciated you as a friend, because you do tell me the truth even if it does hurt at little (at least it seems that way)...and i know that i have tried, but i know that i'm at fault. i am sure there were times when i didn't in the past...and i'm sorry if i didn't right away...or at all. that's part of what growing up is for...improving character.

    love this.

  2. That very true, I dont lie and when I do is o save my friends from trouble but we all end up telling the truth we arent good at lying, the truth early or later would always come out, I have a weird dream too very weird, like you mention I see the person I love making out with someone wasnt me.Great blog.